Our Story

The House

Fashion. Utilized as a tool to distinguish oneself, to stand out from the crowd. Some people view fashion as a costume that they have to put on for the world to see, giving you a window to their personality. It is the only tool that does not require your actions to let people understand you.
One of the most fashion innovative locations is New York City. From small street fairs to enormous skyscrapers, art is spotted everywhere. It is the one place where everyone comes without a care of what others think of them. 
We, Tribeca Fashion House, are greatly inspired by the New York City neighborhood, Tribeca. Tribeca is a close knit community and known for it's hip vibe and trendy youth. With this in mind, we want to take the opportunity to spread this vibe to another great neighborhood in the midst of Brooklyn, NY. We call this the Tribeca Movement. Sharing this positive aura with another neighborhood is how we truly connect with everyone in the booming city of NYC and beyond.

Behind the House 

Upon seeing this photo, it appears to be a old worn down building with a sketchy front door that could lead to trouble. However, this very front entrance leads to the opposite of trouble. Inside, lives a bright and upcoming company who's objective is to share the finer things in life.

The people who work at Tribeca Fashion House are locals from all around the New York City boroughs with different backgrounds and cultures. Working as a team, we all have one goal and that it to bring smiles to our customers with goods that will struck their fashion heartstrings. 

From our desks..

to the warehouse...

to receiving your orders...

all of our products are examined and dealt with first hand by us to insure that the receiving end is happy and satisfied with a smile. 

Beyond the House

It is New York City, that helps keep us updated with the most innovative exclusive merchandise for each season. Ranging from designer handbags to clothing, there are a variety of merchandise for you to choose until you are satisfied. By living up to your expectations with the finer things in life, we are able to achieve that victorious smile as you receive your purchase from the house.