Lazy Days

Lazy days.
Waking up from my cozy warm bed, immediately I am hit with the thought of my workload for the day. However, like all my fellow procrastinators, I simply just lay back in bed and play with my phone. Most people, including myself, like to go on their social media and snoop around. 
After taking a billion snapchat photos to all the friends that I have a snap streak with (streaks for life), I go to my next media, Instagram. Scrolling down my feed, I realized I am constantly hit with these advertisements convincing me to purchase a product or service. The post was either an ad or a blogger telling their followers how good a brand or product is. Sometimes they provide links and so I would click on them to see what this brand is all about.
Back in the day, most brands communicated with their customers through television ads. However, social media and the internet has taken over the "old" way. Almost every social media platform has some way for a brand to promote their merchandise. It is a brilliant way to reach out to all demographics because everyone uses social media. 
Imagine you see a hot new bag from Givenchy on their Instagram page. Your first instinct is probably to find out the name of the bag and how much it would cost. You read the description, go on Givenchy's website and find the bag on their front cover page. You click on the bag and your eyes scroll down the page only to see the bag costs more than your life savings. Disappointed right? However there is also other ways to purchase that hot new bag for a better price. This is where all the e-commerce marketplaces reveal themselves.
There are many online markets that sell Designer items for a more affordable price point. Markets such as Net-A-Porter, Tradesy, Farfetched, Ebay etc. all have one common mission statement. They all believe their customers deserve the best new items for the most affordable price point. We, Tribeca Fashion House, participate in many of those marketplaces. With the height of e-commerce shopping and unbelievable amount of people looking for more affordable designer goods, we do our best on finding new hot items for our customers at a lower retail price. So whenever you're having a lazy day and are surfing the web, make sure to remember us by checking out our website and following our social media for any new hot items on sale.