Behind the House

The House . 

We, Tribeca Fashion House, are greatly inspired by the New York City neighborhood, Tribeca. Tribeca is a close knit community and known for it's hip vibe and trendy youth. With this in mind, we want to take the opportunity to spread this vibe to another great neighborhood in the midst of Brooklyn, NY. We call this the Tribeca Movement. Sharing this positive aura with another neighborhood is how we truly connect with everyone in the booming city of NYC and beyond.

Behind the House 

Behind these brick walls in Brooklyn lies Tribeca Fashion House. Where products are photographed, listed, packaged and shipped straight to your closet. 

The people who work at Tribeca Fashion House are locals from all around the New York City boroughs with different backgrounds and cultures. Working as a team, our goal is to bring smiles to our customers with merchandise that will struck their fashion heartstrings. 

From our desks..

to the warehouse...

to receiving your orders...

We work hard to make sure everyone who shops at TFH has the best experience possible.