Gender Neutral Fashion

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We live in a century where people are willing to speak up and stand up to society. Gender equality had always been a big thing in our nation and now it has come into the world of fashion. 
The concept of gender neutral fashion has been a rising trend in the last few years. There are many designers in the past who have decided the fashionable clothes can be worn for both sexes and now many of the bigger named fashion houses are following this trend as well.
Check out some of these magazine and campaign covers from well known luxury brands on following the trend of unisex fashion.
 July 2017 Vogue Cover Ft. Gucci.
H&M's New Unisex Clothing Line.
Rick Owens Collaboration with ASOS.
Louis Vuitton Spring 2016 Campaign ft. Jaden Smith.
The trend of unisex fashion is slowly climbing it's way up the ladder. With this thought in mind, Tribeca Fashion House has decided to follow up with this trend by introducing you some of these gender neutral products. Check them out at their website and keep up with this new trend that can possibly be the new norm for the century. 
Givenchy Unisex Kilt $350.

Givenchy Unisex Jeans: $425
Givenchy unisex Introductory Skirt: $240