Fast Fashion?

Do you like shopping at Zara? H&M? How about Forever21? We all adore these retailers because they provide us exactly what we want. Trendy and affordable fashion.

How did fast fashion come to be? Why are luxurious designers so against fast fashion retailers? Well, let's start off with what fast fashion really is? Fast fashion is a term used by retailers to create faster production for trendy fashion. Back in the 1800's, most people were only able to get clothing through tailored professionals. For the rich, they would go to tailored shops to get their measurements and wait for their own garment to be made. For the less wealthy, the only other option for them to have clothing is to make their own. Each garment is one of a kind and fits to only the buyers body. This process could take up to several months and maybe a year, depending on how much handwork is needed. As technology advance and countries get modernized, the workload to create a garment is cut down and it was faster for designers to produce their garments. 
Now let's fast forward to the 1990's and early 2000's. Going to a tailored store to get fitted or wait for your own personal garment is no longer the norm. Many designers depends on manufacturers to produce their goods and within a 6-8 month time frame, garments are produced and shipped to stores. 
That time frame is still a very long time. Like are you done yet? It is hard for customers to stay interested in the fashion presented when those merchandise can only be bought after waiting for 6-8 months. This is where fast fashion retailers rise. We live in a period where even the slightest second of slow wifi network, will make us antsy and annoyed. Due to this kind of lifestyle, we, as consumers, are more demanding and impatient. Fast fashion retailers understood what their customer wants and therefore, the production of merchandise slowly starts to change. 
Fast fashion retailers like Zara and H&M are taking over the fashion industry. Because they are able to create, design and produce product within a very low time frame, they are able to maintain their consumer's interest. Many designer brands hate the concept of fast fashion and fast fashion retailers. Their designs and looks are reproduced extremely similar in these fast fashion retailers and sold at a much cheaper price. If you think about it, it is quite messed up. However the message behind this concept is to gain profit and remain successful. 
So the next time you ever walk into a fast fashion retail store and wonder why it is always packed with people digging into a pile amount of products in crazy sales, this is the reason why.