Coachella 2017 Baby~

What word comes to mind when you hear Coachella?
For me, I only have three. Lit, Lit, Lit.
Let's be real here, we all have wanted to attend Coachella, the annual music festival, held every year in California. Amazing music with gorgeous people dancing the night away. However, many people utilize this event to show off their fashion style. Lots of textured clothing and crazy graphic tops are posted all through out social media. So without further ado, lets dive into some of this year's fashion seen at Coachella 2017.
 We all know them, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The Jenner sisters have become a huge influence on the fashion industry, especially when it comes to upcoming trends. There are many textured clothing such as the animal print piece on Kylie Jenner. Kendall went with a more 90's glam bralette with a pair of white patterned bottoms to contrast with her top. 
Next up we have singer Hailee Steinfeld, a more simple fashion look that is a black mesh top, shorts and thigh high boots. She changes it up to a stunning matching top and boot outfit with a nature pattern on a white base.
Chanel Iman rocked this year's Coachella with this gorgeous fringe coat. The model paired it with classic black boots and highlighted braids for that signature colored hair you see in Coachella.
Vanessa Hudgen have always inspired others with her stunning Coachella fashion. This year she decides to go all black from head to toe with a multicolored kimono that completes her look for this year's music festival.
This is probably the best outfit I've seen so far out of all Coachella fashion this 2017. Sophie Hannah, the infamous beauty blogger known for her real life mermaid looks, appeared to Coachella with a gorgeous embossed one piece with white fishnets and glasses. With the tiara on her head, she almost looks like a Coachella princess. 
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